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1865 to Present

The Bezborodko Family have been pioneers in manufacturing since 1865. The family started manufacturing when H.H. Bezborodko started his factory in Russia in the middle of the 19th century.  

The family continued to manufacture and expand their European market by opening a plant in France in the early 20th Century. In 1942, with the spread of the war to France, David Bezborodko left the French factory with his siblings and moved his family to the United States. 

David Bezborodko realized the American dream when he opened his own factory in New York. David was always thankful for the opportunities America offered and always believed in the importance of manufacturing products domestically. His son, Joe Bezborodko, the president of Mirrotek International, has continued his father’s mission of keeping jobs in America. In 2002, when it looked like imports from China would destroy the company’s profitability, Joe signed a licensing agreement with IRON CHEF. The company then went on to create a line of items under that brand.  

Today, Joe and his children, are proud to continue the fine manufacturing of both mirrors and foods in Passaic, NJ. They are especially proud to be able to keep manufacturing jobs in America for over 70 years.

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